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Account creation on our Jabber server

If you want to create an account on our Jabber server, please enter a login name and enter a password two times in the form below. You can also give us a non-mandatory email address which will allow you to change your password if you lose it later.

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Please note that:

  • Any account unused for 6 months will be disabled, and this login will not be allowed as registration for 6 more months. During that time, you will be allowed to recover that account if we have an email address for this account. After that, any disabled account will be permanently destroyed and the login will be available again for other users
  • We don't store your password or email in cleartext, but only a hashed version. We don't verify your email address, so write it down properly. We will only use it to send you a recover link if you lose your password.
  • RGPD consent: The jabber server stores your jabber-id and all your friends jabber addresses. Those are personal data. When you subscribe to this service, you allow La Quadrature to store those data as a requirement for the proper use of the service. We will do nothing else with your buddy list. We may also store temporarily some messages when you are offline, so you can get them when you get online. To access those data, use a standard jabber client and the XMPP protocol. To destroy your account use the form available on this website.


If you are lost or need help, you can contact the tech team at jabber [at]